Review of the Seven Elements of Parish Life Survey

2014 Pastoral Plan

Welcome to Our Lady of the Lakes


Welcome to Our Lady of the Lakes! Our parish is made up of a number of Catholic churches who have come together to form one parish. This notion embodies, for me, St. Paul’s words in the letter to the Romans: “…so we though many, are one body in Christ.” I think you will discover, regardless of which church in the parish that you attend, a warm welcoming spirit. The pastoral staff of Our Lady of the Lakes is here to answer any questions you may have and to serve you. I do believe that God calls this community to be a gift to you. I also believe that in your choice to be here God is also inviting you to be a gift to the community. On the following pages you will find all sorts of ways the community ministers to all sorts of people in the name of the Lord. I hope that you will join us in being good stewards of God’s many gifts. A parish is as weak or as strong as those who make it up. We need the full participation of each and every person if we are to live out God’s call. I look forward to getting to know you as we seek to worship God and serve God together. May the one who nourishes us with the Body and Blood of Christ help us to become what we receive!

Don’t forget,  “The Lord is with you!”

Fr. Stan

Mission Statement
With Mary as our model, Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Community seeks to be a welcoming parish.  While recognizing that we are made up of diverse rural communities, we strive to live as members of the one Body of Christ, ministering to each other, and working together to nurture our God-given talents in order to reach out to others in a caring and compassionate manner that witnesses to our fervent love for God.